Testing Facility

Witnessing the quality by own eyes is the best way of convincing. We consider it is our honor to test our valves in front of the end user. Petrostar welcome our customers to witness our quality performance of our valves to our testing centers. We bring our testing facility from factories to our localized testing shops. Each of our offices are established with local testing shops, which will enable us to prove our quality products in front of you. It could enable our customers to economically witness and even conduct “Acceptance Tests” from our local offices.


As a quality driven manufacturer of valves, we do not end our service by the completion of guarantee period. Each of our valves are designed and crafted to serve our customers for decades. We welcome our customers seeking our assistance of professional service of valves after extensive service in filed to ensure highest integrity and further longer service. All our local offices are maintained with quality and trained technicians who are ready to respond to your service requirements. Contact us on for your service related requirements.


As a responsible manufacturer and supplier of valves, Petrostar always intend to provide our best support to our customers. We understand our served industries like Oil and Gas very well. It demands highest quality products at the swiftest possible delivery, which includes unexpected requirements and planned but urgent delivery requirements. This is exactly the reason for Petrostar Valve Group to invest and maintain a good list of valves, which will enable us to deliver products from the Shelf basis. Our stock range covers Valve sizes up to 24” and ANSI rating to Class 1500 Contact us on for your requirements. We shall respond to your requirements within 24-48 hours.